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Sabrina Rudin founded Spring Café Aspen in 2013 in Aspen, CO with the goal of providing locals and visitors with organic and nourishing vegetarian food to fuel the activity-driven lifestyle of the small mountain town.

We use all organic ingredients at Spring Cafe Aspen, if it is not certified organic it is produced using methods in accordance with our core values by producers and suppliers we trust. We do not use refined sugars, inflammatory oils, or processed foods. We make all our dressings and sauces in house with love.

We cook with organic cold-pressed oils, sea salt, and fresh herbs. All of our sauces and dressings are made in-house. We prepare our pastries and desserts using a selection of gluten-free and sprouted flours. Our baked goods are sweetened with maple syrup, coconut sugar, or agave. Our eggs are pastured and sourced from local farms. If our ingredients are not certified organic, it means we are sourcing from small, local farms that grow with the highest organic or biodynamic principles. 

In Aspen, our water is carbon filtered and in New York, our water is filtered by TENSUI. Our bottled juices are cold-pressed on our Norwalk and never pasteurized or HPP.  

We use stainless steel or carbon steel cookware that is free from aluminum and other harmful metals. All of our to-go containers are compostable.  

Our Cafés are built using non-toxic materials. We use hardwood finished with natural oil, our paint is low or zero VOC, and our materials are free of formaldehyde and other toxic chemicals.  

We hope that you feel the love and care that we have put into creating your experience with us and we hope that it adds a little spring to your step.